Accessing Admin UI

I’m using Cockroachdb version:19.2.2 in secure mode. Currently can’t access database/table info and debugging pages on UI. Documentation says the login user needs to be of admin role. I’m having trouble creating one as GRANT ADMIN ROLE is only supported for enterprise license. Is it mandatory to create certificates for non root user to access these resources on UI?

Hi @swaroop,

You’re running into this issue. In the upcoming v20.1 release, we are making role-based access control a part of the core version, so you will be able to grant admin access to a user without an enterprise license. In the meantime, however, we’ve updated a number of our tutorials around secure clusters to include a workaround. For example, see step 6 here:

INSERT INTO system.role_members (role, member, "isAdmin")
    VALUES ('admin', <username>, true);

Hope that helps. Please let me know.