Adding nodes to an existing cluster with more storage / Cluster with uneven storage sizes

I have a 3 node cluster with each node having 1 TB storage. I want to add more nodes that have more storage, e.g. 4 TB per node. If I add 1 node with 4TB, how much of that storage can be used? Given that the whole cluster only has 3TB storage, there’s not enough space to replicate the 4TB to any other nodes (they’re already almost full anyways).

If I add 3 nodes with 4TB each, will that result in all disk space being usable? So I would have 3x1 TB and 3x 4TB total, so everything can be replicated correctly. Is my thinking on this correct?

I think everything you say is right. If you only have a single large store, you need sufficiently many small nodes around it in order to fill the large one.
Our disk balancing tries to keep equal amounts of data on each store until a store is almost full, at which point it will prefer less full ones.

We generally don’t test with uneven stores much, so let us know if you run into problems.

Added multiple uneven nodes, so far everything is behaving as expected :+1: