Admin ui - Node versions are mismatched. undefined versions were detected across undefined nodes

Getting this error loading the admin UI - Node versions are mismatched. undefined versions. Versions across all 3 are exact.

cockroach version
Build Tag: beta-20170223
Build Time: 2017/02/23 16:30:53
Distribution: CCL
Platform: linux amd64
Go Version: go1.7.5
C Compiler: gcc 4.9.3
Build SHA-1: 4c8949513d287b92be1c167615398a2a53fe39da
Build Type: release

Started 3 node cluster on ubuntu 16.04.
cockroach start --insecure --background --advertise-host=
cockroach start --insecure --background --advertise-host= --join= :26257
cockroach start --insecure --background --advertise-host= --join=:26257

new tables and database get created across all 3 nodes fine.

8080 should be opened
AWS EC2 sercurity group rule
Type= All Traffic, Protocol=All, Port-Range=All

Thank you for the bug report. I’ve filed an issue here: