Admin UI Statements Page Is Always Cleared at Current Timestamp Despite Default 1 Hour Reporting Interval

Hello Cockroach Forum!

I figured I would post this here before making an issue on github. I bet I can benefit from a little community help.

Version: v19.1.2

Environment: Single node test cluster with about 1.8GB of disk capacity used


The title says a lot. However, I can say a bit more here in detail. In our system, when trying to diagnose slow queries by using the admin UI. The statements page always has the statement in the top right corner that says “Last cleared 2019-10-02 16:05:37” equal to the current timestamp UTC. It appears to always clear the saved statements for reporting upon refreshing the page.

Clearly the first step is to look up settings in the docs, and I double checked that in this cluster diagnostics.reporting.interval is set to the default of 01:00:00 and diagnostics.forced_stat_reset.interval is set to the default of 02:00:00, so I was able to rule that out as a cause.

Has anyone else ever experienced this problem or have any advice? Thanks for the help!

Hey @bgreco

Can you share a screenshot of the part of the AdminUI you are referencing, just for confirmation of the issue you are bringing up. I would like to know exactly what to look out for when I try to reproduce the issue.


Hi Ricardo, thanks for the response! Here’s a screenshot of the statements page on the admin UI. You can see the Last cleared timestamp is the current time as of this post. The Last cleared timestamp in the top right is ALWAYS the current UTC time which is why there are never any statements to see.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Ricardo, do you have any suggestions or ideas after viewing the screenshot?

Hey @bgreco

I am running through some docs and working with the PM to get some more info you. Please stand by and I will let you know what we find.

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