[Announcement] Admin UI Feedback

The UI team at Cockroach Labs has been working on new features for our upcoming 2.1 release, and we are excited to gather your feedback on prototypes of these new features to make them as useful as possible for our community.

New features include:

  • A Statements page that gives insight into which statements executed in your cluster, their frequency, and breakdowns of their execution latency.

  • A new Hardware metrics dashboard that makes identifying hardware bottlenecks and capacity planning for your cluster simpler.

If either of these features are interesting to you and you would like to try them out and provide us with feedback, please email piyush@cockroachlabs.com.

We will be happy to walk through the features and collect feedback with you on a video call, or if you’d prefer to explore these features on your own, we have a self-service feedback option as well. Volunteers for a video call will be compensated for their time via Amazon gift cards.

Thank you!
The Admin UI Team

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