Announcing CockroachDB 20.2: Build more, deploy easier, innovate faster

Hi everyone,

I’m super excited to let you know that today we launched CockroachDB 20.2! Highlights include:

  • New spatial features: store and index spatial data with PostGIS-compatible SQL syntax
  • Now available for free in CockroachDB Core: basic enterprise BACKUP, RESTORE, and EXPORT
  • Additional SQL functionality including partial indexes, materialized views, and ENUMs
  • Improved performance, reaching 140k warehouses with a maximum throughput of 1.7M transactions per minute (tpmC) on the TPC-C benchmark, a 40% improvement over the past year
  • ….and more! Check it out!!!

Huge thank you to everyone in this community for your engagement. Your comments and feedback challenge us to make the best possible product!

Please continue to drop your feedback into #product-feedback on our community cockroachdb slack channel, and definitely let us know what you think of 20.2! :slight_smile:

Lisa, CockroachDB Dev Rel

For more information: Read the 20.2 announcement at


Kudos to the Cockroach team on Pebble. I just got done upgrading my production cluster and it’s visibly faster. Nice job.

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