Ansible community.cockroachdb collection

I’ve just published the community.cockroachdb collection 0.1.0 for Ansible on Ansible Galaxy.
It contains only one module, cockroachdb_query, at the moment that can be used for different purposes.

  • How to install it, see here.

  • Read the full doc in the module itself here and here including about the module’s arguments and examples (the DOCUMENTATION and EXAMPLES sections in the files).

I’d be grateful for the feedback (I’m not a CockroachDB user, so feedback would be much appreciated).

If there’s interest from the community, I could write more modules, for example, cockroachdb_info, etc.

OMG this is EPIC! Thanks so much @andrei_klychkov - I’ll check it out and give feedback. :star_struck:

This is so great @andrei_klychkov !!! :medal_sports: And welcome to our community! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :partying_face:

@RainLeander cool, will be waiting for your feedback, thank you!

Hi @SWDevAngel , thank you! Though I’m still not sure if my undertaking is worth doing and that the community will be happy with it:) Need more feedback.

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It installed like silk; I’m writing up a use case / playbook to test the CRDB side of things. Hope to get back with you by next week.

@RainLeander I’ve just released 0.2.0 that contains the cockroachdb_info module. If you wanna upgrade, simply run ansible-galaxy collection install community.cockroachdb --upgrade.
I won’t write anything new until i get feedback from you, thanks:)

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Also upgraded smooth as silk!

% ansible-galaxy collection install community.cockroachdb --upgrade
Starting galaxy collection install process
Process install dependency map
Starting collection install process
to /Users/rainleander/.ansible/tmp/ansible-local-40829bcuob9oc/tmpsuwd_hd2/community-cockroachdb-0.2.0-wr6053lb
Installing 'community.cockroachdb:0.2.0' to
community.cockroachdb:0.2.0 was installed successfully

I’m not sure how to test it further, tho? Would you like to get on a call to brainstorm?

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m on PTO now, so i can’t. Let’s try to solve it by text.
Are you familiar with Ansible?
If yes, you could:

  1. fetch info from your instance with the cockroachdb_info module and the -vvv option and check if its output looks good
  2. run random SQL queries in your instance with the cockroachdb_query module and -vvv option, e.g. create a database / user / table, fill it up with data, then get values from it and check if the output looks good. It would be enough.
    To see examples, please refer to my first message.

Thank you!

Totally understandable! Enjoy your PTO!

Familiar with Ansible, yes; not familiar with Ansible Galaxy; does it work the same?

Ansible Galaxy is just a kind of repository for roles / collections (to publish / install them). We need to use Ansible to run the playbooks as usual.

Ah, oke. Please hold while I go play. It may be after American Thanksgiving that I have feedback…but I will get back with you soon.

Great, thank you! I’ll be waiting for your feedback than.

@RainLeander hi, hope you had great holidays last week:) Do you have a chance to give it a try this week? Thank you