Any use case or docunment on this new CLI command : cockroach auth-session login

I cannot view full db information like before because my user is not on “admin” role. The latest version of cockroach have a new command line function “cockroach auth-session login”, but does not come with any docunmentation on how to use it. Can someone give me some sample on how to make a user login as root in a web session?

Hi Leokwan,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

You can use cockroach auth-session login root --certs-dir=certs

We’re working on documentation for this and it should be out shortly.


Yes, this command gives example for curl and wget, but I don’t know how to make it into Chrome to browse the Admin UI?

Looking forward for the docunment.

The user you are connected to the admin-ui with needs the appropriate SQL permissions to view the databases page on the UI.

For example, you can grant show createto the database and the table for the sql user to see the pages in the web ui.

Thank you. What about the Job Tab and Table size on database page?

What does the table size on the database page show currently?

For the job tab, you can use cockroach auth-session login root and use the cookie generated in your web page.

Running on 19.2.3

This is exactly what I am asking, can you point me to how to “use the cookie generated in your web page”? If I am using Chrome browser on Windows 10?




This should be able to help.