Anyone using Cockroach DB and GrapQL in production or planing on using it in production soon?

I’ve been using Go for the past year and a half primarily to rewrite slow scripts that I had originally written in Python. I have 20 years of experience working with various relational databases and I would like to gain some experience with CockroachDB and GraphQL.
I’m actively looking for a project that would provide me with a chance to use either or both.
Are there any open source projects that anyone is aware of that I could contribute to?

Hi Benjamin,

The company I work for is currently building a new backend which is powered by CockroachDB, GraphQL, and AWS Lambda.

So far we’ve managed to get away with throwing minimal infrastructure resources at it but once we go fully live (we’re currently in pre-live testing in the production environment) we’ll be closely monitoring our infrastructure and scaling up as demand grows.

I chose CockroachDB because of its distributed nature and its ability to easily scale simply by adding more nodes.

If you have questions about anything I’ll try to answer them as best as I can (keeping in mind that this is the first time we’re building an architecture using this mix of technologies).


Hi Stefan,

I am looking at a similar use case. Let me know if you have been successful in setting up.

A GraphQL backed by CockroachDB. seems good with PostgreSQL only. It doesn’t work with Cockroach due to some API incompatibilities which is not supported on CockroachDB yet. (Triggers).


Hi @gnanakeethan

We aren’t exposing the database directly using GraphQL. We have developed a GraphQL API that under the hood has all the business logic of our app and builds the SQL queries to query against the CockroachDB cluster.

We currently have a deployment of a CockroachDB cluster in the ap-southeast-2 AWS region with one t3.xlarge server in each Availability Zone, though we are looking at upgrading to m5a.xlarge servers.