API - Connect to cockroach DB

Hi all, thank you for reading.

We have an App ( android and IOS ) and a website that are being migrated from firebase to cockroach. However we have a lots of questions on how cockroach database can be accessed, our initial idea was to have an API, where both App and website were able to request data.

We did some research on this topic, but there are no straight answers. Can you please point us out some solutions ?

Hey @JoaoCunha,

If you are trying to access a CockroachDB cluster from an app, you’d need to build the logic that allows you to do that into your app.

We have several guides that show basic set ups in various programming languages, you can find them here.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Hey @ronarev.

Thank you for the link, really useful.

Can you point to some graphQL layer implementation ?

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