Automate postgres to cockroach import

Hey Guys,

i have a couple of db dumps of my postgresql databases and i would like to port them to cockroach db. Based on the documentation here i have to perform some reformatting of my sql file. Is there a tool-kit or procedure anyone knows that would allow me to automate the process, or do i just have to code one :slight_smile:

Hey there,

We currently don’t have any automation available, though we do plan to automate this in 2.1. As it stands, the directions you linked to are the way to go, and it’d be awesome if you could share back any solution you create with the community.

thanks for the feedback, If i create the tool i will mos-def share.

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Hey Tim, did this feature ever make it through to version 2.1.6?

Hey @digital.developer, which edits were you performing on your postgres dump? There have been a bunch of changes since last June but I’m not sure whether or not your particular problem was solved.