Backup options in Community Edition


I am aware that Cockroach Community Edition provides “cockroach dump” to take backups.
If the database is relatively large I suppose the dump action has a significant impact on database performance.

Is there a way to somehow throttle the “dump” action?
It would be not as good as the Enterprise Edition but still would do the trick for relatively smaller databases.


Hi @ginsul, dump runs on a single node, and although there isn’t an explicit throttle on dump, we have built in mechanisms to prevent it from taking over the entire cluster. If you are observing a big hit to cluster performance, please file an issue. That being said, are you using dump to move data around, or is it just to back things up?

Hi Diana,

Thanks for your reply.
The dump command would be used only to periodically back things up.
At the moment I am just exploring possible CockroachDB use cases.


Ok makes sense. If you are just exploring for now, dump should adequately meet your needs as long as you aren’t trying to dump anything huge. That being said, if you hit a limit, do let us know since we can get you a trial license for backup / restore.