BDNA Technopedia?

I am Roach beginner :slight_smile:

The company I work for is a Fortune 500 financial service company. We are in a heavily regulated industry segment and as such every piece of software we want to evaluate or install in our network must be found in the BDNA Technopedia site (

I have 3 cluster roach node running in three of the POC VMs that I have which I been using to store 6 months of our API latency data . It is working quite well and only one bug I had to file so far. And very impressed with the turn around on the bug fix. It was quite startling “nice” surprise to see the bug fixed as soon as I pressed the enter key to flle the bug (#9626) :smile:

Now, I am ready to move on to the next level in our roach evaluation. I want to store the last 5 years of latency data for the next level of evaluation. Which means I now have to ask for more VMs and have to go thru our company’s red tape process to do so :frowning:

Our company requires all software (open source, commercial) to be listed on the BDNA Technopedia site. I just checked and cockroachdb is not listed. :frowning:

Would u please register cockroachdb on the BDNA Technopedia so that I may continue on with the next level of evaluation.

Hi @youngl,

Great to hear you’re testing CockroachDB, and thanks for the tip about Technopedia. I’ve reached out to them to find out what’s required to be listed.

Are you open to sharing more about your use case? Happy to talk off the forum if you’d prefer.

Sure, I prefer we talk offline on the use case.

How can I reach you directly ?