Best way to add storage capacity?

What is the best way to increase the storage capacity of a cluster? I have 3 nodes. Based on reading, if I add 2 more, the replication factor will automatically update to 5, which I believe means that all data will be replicated on all 5 servers and thus my capacity doesn’t truly increase.

Is this true? Would I have to add nodes beyond 5 to increase capacity? Is adding disks better to existing nodes?


Hi @bladefist,

Adding nodes doesn’t automatically change your replication factor. So if you have 3 nodes with a replication factor of 3, after adding 2 nodes, the replication factor will still be three. The new nodes will add capacity, and the replicas will rebalanced across all 5 nodes instead of across the 3 nodes.

Hope that helps.


@jesse Here is where I read that: Change replication factor

Am I reading this wrong? I read it as the default will change once you hit 5 nodes.

@bladefist you indeed did not read this right :slight_smile:
I edited my response on Change replication factor

The default of 5 only applies for system ranges (meta etc), not the default zone used for data ranges. These still use a default of 3.

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