Best way to move storage to other disks

Hi there,

I’m trying to move our disk to a dedicated data disk on Azure. We have 3 nodes clusters setup.

I’ve tried the following steps

  1. Quit one node
  2. Modify the systemd service configuration with --store that points to a new disk location with an empty cockroach data folder.
  3. restart the node and wait for the partition to be rebalanced.

This way works fine but CockroachDB will recognize this node as a brand new node and think the previous node is dead.

Is it better to copy the old cockroach data folder to the new storage location? Or there is a recommended way to move storage?


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Hey @purmac,

There are multiple ways to do this. Copying the old cockroach data folder to the new storage location would definitely be one way of doing this.

Another option would be to just start up a new node and decommission the old one, you can find out how to do that here.

Regarding the cluster showing the old node as dead, this is expected, changing the store would make this a new node. Is there any particular reason you are doing this?


Hi @ronarev,

Thanks for the quick reply. The reason I am doing this is that our initial cluster setup put the cockroach data folder in the same OS disk. That makes the vulnerability update of the OS and snapshot the data difficult. Therefore, I like to attach data disks to the current VMs and move the data to the new data disk.

I just like to know there is no major disadvantage by copying the data folder over or there is any other suggested way to do this.