Beta Release 2016-09-29

What's new in beta-20160929?


CockroachDB beta-20160929 is now available for download, and all installation instructions have been updated to point to the new release. This release includes 78 merged PRs by 19 authors. We would like to give a special thank you to CockroachDB community members Jingguo Yao and first-time contributor Haines Chan.

New Features

  • The --advertise-host flag can now be used to override the address to advertise to other CockroachDB nodes. #9503
  • The --http-host flag sets the address to bind to for HTTP requests. Together with --http-port, it will replace --http-addr in a future release. #9573
  • More metrics are now exported about the internal garbage collection of deleted values. #9571
  • More metrics are now exported about file descriptor usage. #9582
  • The system now uses OpenTracing’s new key-value style logging APIs. #9578

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an inconsistency that could occur when transactions race with garbage collection. #9377
  • Retried BeginTransaction operations no longer leak internal errors to the client. #9305
  • Brief service interruptions are now avoided after shard splits. #9550

UI Changes

  • The UI no longer crashes when a tab is reopened after being in the background for a long time. #9042

Performance Improvements

  • Ranges which are not receiving traffic now stop sending raft heartbeats. #9383
  • Raft snapshots are now sent as a stream instead of one large message. #9292
  • The rebalancer is now better about noticing under-full stores. #9415
  • Raft messages are now sent in batches. #9485
  • Nodes are now quicker to fail over to other replicas when one is unresponsive. #9239
  • Dropping a table or index is now faster. #9419
  • Re-enabled consensus-level optimizations for network i/o. #9606

Doc Updates


The Cockroach Labs Team