Building real time applications

Hey guys. I’m very new here :))

I was just curious is there something in the making around ‘live queries’ (OrientDB) or ‘change feeds’ (in RethinkDB)?


p.s. I hope that’s the right section for this question :smiley:

Hi Tihomir,
This is a great feature, but sadly we don’t have it and are unlikely to for next couple releases, as we are focusing on performance, reliability, and operability of the core SQL database. However, we have been doing some preliminary design work around low-level changefeeds (RFC here) which will be used first for Change Data Capture (i.e. pushing all changes for a DB or table out to Kafka, and from there to e.g. ElasticSearch), and could someday be integrated with the SQL layer for RethinkDB-like changefeeds.

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Awesome! Thanks for the detailed reply!!! I will read the RFC later :))

What about to support a mechanism of subscribe/notify as Postgresql does ?

We don’t have LISTEN/NOTIFY or triggers, and aren’t planning on doing them any time soon. Hopefully using a message queue outside of Cockroach (e.g. ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc) and reading/listening to it from application code can achieve what you want.

Yes sure it will, but then another subsystem to manage