Bulk processing features

Oracle has bulk processing features like BULK collect and FOR ALL. DO we have that kind of options in Cocoroach DB?

No. The Oracle BULK COLLECT and FORALL statements are a part of PL/SQL, not SQL. In CockroachDB, which does not have a full procedural language in the database, this logic would be in your client application, not in SQL.

Would you please clarify about sentence above.

What is supported and what is not?, is there a list I can check?, examples are appreciated.

Thank you so much

We don’t currently support any kind of stored procedures. All of our support SQL statements are listed at https://www.cockroachlabs.com/docs/stable/sql-statements.html.

SQL is not designed to be a general-purpose programming language; it does not have common procedural control flow statements such as IF, LOOP, or FOR. Databases that support stored procedures usually augment SQL by adding these statements in a separate language, such as oracle’s PL/SQL or postgresql’s PL/pgSQL. CockroachDB does not support any of these procedural extensions at this time.