Can cockroach storage and query time series data?

can cockroach storage and query time series data?

Hi jorise,

CockroachDB can be used for time series data (we store time series data from the CockroachDB nodes themselves inside the database to power the admin UI), although we’re not optimized for it at this point so you might want to test it out and see if it meets the requirements of your workload.

Do you have any more details about what your requirements are?



we have a music website and Millions of users, Tens of millions of visits/listens every day.
we want to use CockroachDB store these listen datas. and use it to generate charts, top list, and analysis the user habit.

I’d expect that sort of write load to not be an issue (100 million writes / day => ~1150 writes / sec), but it’s always worth testing out the types of transactions you plan on running to be sure.


but i don’t know how to query group by second/hour/day/week/month/year …
can give some examples.