Can crdb just start with one node?

Can crdb just start with one node with one replica?
if there is some startup parameter for that purpose?

Hi @louis. If you want is a single node, non-replicated cluster, you can just start a single node without a --join flag.

Because CockroachDB expects to replicate data 3 times by default, with this setup, you’ll eventually see replication messages in your node’s logs:

E160407 09:53:50.337328 storage/queue.go:511  [replicate] 7 replicas failing with "0 of 1 store with an attribute matching []; likely not enough nodes in cluster"

This isn’t really a problem, but if you never intend to add nodes (e.g., local test deployment), you can get rid of these messages by updating your default replication zone to expect only one node.

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@jesse Thanks a lot:+1: