Cannot upgrade to v21.2 - cluster version error

Hi guys,

our production cluster is running Cockroach v21.1.12. When I try to upgrade to v21.2.1, I the service fails to start, with an error that it cannot upgrade from v20.2.

The problem here is that SHOW CLUSTER SETTING version shows 20.2, although the cluster is running v21.1.12. When I try to SET CLUSTER SETTING to 21.1, an error message says “ERROR: n2 required, but unavailable” (I believe the n2 is reference to a node, but n2 doesn’t exist, because I can see it as decommissioned 2 years ago).

So, now I am a bit stuck here and cannot move forward. Has anybody run into something like this before?

Could you try decommissioning n2 again.

The state is currently indeterminate (earlier versions didn’t know about this “final” decommissioned state). Doing it once more from a new binary node would let you mark it as decommissioned for good, and let the upgrade proceed.

Hi @RichardCRL,

that has worked, thanks a bunch for the quick reply, much appreciated!