Cheers/some feedback

Hi there,

I just want to express my congratulations and share my impressions about CockroachDB 1.0.

I have a database background sind the early 90s and practially used all RDBMS on the market and worked with a bunch of NoSQL databases over the last years (Cassandra, MongoDB, InfluxDB, FoundationDB, RethinkDB, ArangoDB and various other). I did a lot of evaluation work and know about the pros and cons of most databases.

I have been working with CockroachDB 1.0 for two days now and I am impressed by the quality, design and feature set of this release. I think you got almost all things right. The strength are:

  • compatibility with the Postgres driver protocol (-> availablity of tools and drivers)
  • rich SQL support which should be good enough for most usecases
  • distributed transactions and an easy cluster setup - in particular across data centers
  • cert-based authentication

CochroachDB is the only “NoSQL” database besides ArangoDB that I would consider useful as a multi-purpose DB in a distributed environment besides ArangoDB.

Keep up the good work.



Apparently in our excitement with the 1.0, we forgot to thank you for the kind words.
It’s wonderful to get a vote of confidence from experienced developers like yourself. As you continue to use it and find things you like - and places where the DB can be improved or functionality added - please let us know. I can see you already know the drill with the forum, so I’ll leave it at that.