Cockroach clusters across multiple Cloud providers

If I want to set up a cockroach cluster across across Multiple cloud infra providers like GCP/ AWS, is there a guideline about how to set it up?
Need guidance on how to connect them into a single cockroach cluster.

Hey @V4s, we don’t have specific guidance for setting this up yet, but we do have users who are successfully running multi-cloud secure clusters and have migrated cross-cloud. Basically, you’d need to ensure that all nodes are configured with an externally accessible address, and set the --advertise-addr, --listen-addr and --join flags with these external addresses while starting the nodes. Provided the nodes can communicate with each other, CRDB manages the rest automatically. We have an example of a multi-node start across AWS and GCE that might be helpful.

As in that example, you’ll definitely want to run the cluster securely, so you’ll need to upload certs to each node in the cluster. You’ll also need to set up your firewalls correctly in both environments. We don’t have guides for doing this at the moment, but I can create a docs request so that we can provide more guidance down the road.

The start a secure cluster docs might be helpful as well since they run through CA and certificate creation.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

Thanks. A doc will be very helpful.

Why do we start cockroach differently in the Multicluster setup in GCP ( using DNS LB etc) vs. starting it in the AWS/GCP setup using Private/Pubic Ips?