Cockroach contributors list

Probably it is a stupid question, but why I don’t see myself as a contributor in cockroachdb contributors list? I have only two commits, but there are people with only one. Link to my merged PRs:✓&q=is%3Apr%20author%3Aisitinschi%20

Does anyone understand why?

Try checking out It’s possible the email(s) you signed your git commits with aren’t associated with your github account.

I’ve checked all common reasons. All commits are associated with my github account, I can even click on my username displayed for both commits

OK, I found what is the problem. Recently I removed one of my emails from github (I lost access to it), but my first commit was associated with it. Now since I lost an access to an old email, I am no longer official author of that commit.

Thank you and sorry for bothering.