Cockroach db connection timeout


We have running cockroach db on Kubernetes with 3 nodes. We have multiple apps running on Kubernetes which connected to cockroach database using cockroach-public IP. Everything is running perfectly. Now sometime We are getting connection timeout error from our application pod. I have check the cockroach cluster log but I didn’t found any error or load on the cluster. Below is the error

Error :

GET /user HTTP/1.1
2020/02/27 04:28:18 EOF
{"Environment":"stage","LogID":"m2ND37Ts13","Message":"user_handler.go/myapp/service/restapiv1/controllers.ShowCurrentUser:323","Params":[{"UserID":"2219662811138"}],"Request Body":null,"Request Method":"GET","Request Remote Address":"","Request URL":"/user?includeSkills=true","level":"error","msg":"write tcp>my-cockroachdbip:26257: write: connection timed out

Hi @shivraj,

Sorry for the delay in response.

After reviewing the error message you sent, we determined that this issue was not due to CockroachDB.

To further investigate the error, we advise you to take the following next steps:
(1) examine the connection between your app server and the kubernetes host ( that is running the CockroachDB pod; and
(2) do a packet trace between the two to see why the connection is timing out.

Technical Support Engineer