Cockroach db multi region cluster kubernetes issue

I am trying to deploy multi region cluster on GKE. I have created clusters in asia-south1-b and europe-west2-a region. I am trying to deploy it using this documentation.

contexts = {
'asia-south1-b': 'gke_my-project_asia-south1-b_cockroach-db-mumbai',
'europe-west2-a': 'gke_my-project_europe-west2-a_cockroach-db-london',

I have added above contexts in and not changed anything in the file. But i am getting error while running file.

❯ python 
  File "", line 117
    print  'Waiting for DNS load balancer IP in %s...' % (zone)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Can anybody suggest me what can be the issue.

That code was written for python version 2, and you are trying to run it under python version 3. In other words, your “python” binary is python 3.

That particular line can be fixed by putting parentheses around the content after print, but there could be other changes in the script which are needed to make it work with python 3. Note that python 2 goes end-of-life in about one month.

@candlerb Thanks, working fine with python2.