Cockroach db multi region latency issue

We have running cockroach db multi region cluster in Asia and Europe region. We have connected it with our fronted apps. Now when user requests from Europe region it’s forwarded to the Europe database, But we are getting high latency. Generally it should within ms but we get the latency in seconds. Check the below screenshot of latency graph. Kindly look in to the issue. Let me know if more details are require.

Note : Our apps are deployed in same region where cockraoch database deployed.

Europe request :

Asia request : same latency issue observing for Asia.

Hi Vishal,

Which statements are contributing to the latency? A screenshot of the statements page (<adminUrl>/#/statements) would be helpful.



Hey @tim-o Can you check the screenshot of statement page ?

You need to include the statements themselves so I know where the latency’s coming from.

@tim-o ease find the below screenshot from statement page.

My setup : Request would be forward to the Database located in Europe when someone open our website from Europe region. And same from Asia.

Cockroach DB : Asia / Europe
Our Website Apps : Asia / Europe

Today i was checking the latency from our Europe office and found that we got the low latency and better speed then Asia.

Latency Different :
Europe to europe latenxy : In ms.
Asia to asia latency : generally takes more than 1 to 2 seconds.

I want to know that why it’s taking time when request come from India or Asia locations ?

As per multi region document, Both the region should be get same latency. Kindly help us to find out the cause of the problem. Let me know if you require any other information.


@tim-o Here is the today’s screenshot of statement page.

Also Can you let me know that is it Cockroach db geo partition (enterprise) necessary to setup multi region cluster?

@jesse @tim-o Can anybody help me with these queries?

In multi region cluster it’s takes 4 to 5 sec to write tables and queries, While on single region it’s very low about 200ms.

Check the multi region speed. Kindly guide us for better performance.

@tim-o Waiting for positive reply.

Sorry for the delay, @vishal. To get low latency in a multi-region cluster, it’s crucial to apply a multi-region data topology to each of your tables. These patterns control where replicas and/or leaseholders are stored to reduce the need to move between large distances for reads and writes. Have you had a chance to review these multi-region topology docs? If not, please do so, and I’d focus particularly on the geo-partitioning patterns for data that can be tied to location and the duplicate indexes pattern for reference/immutable tables.

This tutorial might also be helpful as well as this webinar recording.

Please check these out and let me know if you have follow-up questions.