Cockroach DB SQL standard

We are aiming to have CockroachDB as the DB for one of our applications. We are in the process of CockroachDB product evaluation with respect to the SQL capabilities. We would like to know the standard that the CockroachDB is complied with. FYI: We are talking about the following standards.

ANSI Standards Year by Year

1986: SQL-87 was initially formalized by ANSI in 1986.

1989: The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) publishes the first set of standards for database query languages, known as SQL-89 or FIPS 127-1.

1992: ANSI publishes their revised standards, ANSI/ISO SQL-92 or SQL2, which were stricter than SQLI, adding some new features. These standards introduce levels of compliance that indicated the extent to which a dialect meets ANSI standards.

1999: ANSI publishes SQL3, or ANSI/ISO SQL: 1999, with new features, like support for objects. The replaced the levels of compliance with core specifications, as well as additional specifications for nine more packages.

2003: ANSI publishes SQL: 2003, introducing standardized sequences, XML-related features and identity columns. The creator of the first RDBMS, Dr. E.F.Codd, passes away on April 18 of the same year.

2006: ANSI publishes SQL: 2006, defining how to use SQL with XML and enabling applications to integrate XQuery into their existing SQL code.

2008: ANSI publishes SQL: 2008, introducing INSTEAD OF triggers, as well as the TRUNCATE statement.

2011: ANSI publishes SQL: 2011 or ISO/IEC 9075:2011, the seventh revision of the ISO (1987) and ANSI (1986) standard for the SQL database query language.

This is not a question with a simple answer. We are not 100% compliant with any version of the SQL standard, but we have some features (such as the AS OF SYSTEM TIME clause) which were introduced as recently as SQL:2011. You can see a breakdown of which SQL features we support here