Cockroach run YCSB benchmark

We used cockroachDB to build a global cluster with 3 cloud nodes (spread across China, United States and Australia). W load data from China node. After data loading, we simultaneously run YCSB (95% read and 5% write) tests on the three regional nodes respectively. However, only one of the three nodes (China) can reach nearly 50000ops/s throughput. The throughput of the other nodes is less than 1000ops/s. The total throughput of the whole cluster is almost the same as that of a single machine. It is very strange to us. Is it normal? Or maybe I missed some key configurations.
Another question is how can we check the amount of partitioned data on each cockraochDB node? Is there any tool to monitor the data load state in the cluster?

Hi Caiyi! To clarify, is your cluster 3-nodes with 1 node in each locality? If so, to get good performance, you’ll need to have 3 nodes in each locality as described in Regional Tables | CockroachDB Docs.

This comment breaks down how to run YCSB on a multi-region cluster: Create Kubernetes version of low-latency multi-region tutorial with Secure Mode · Issue #5348 · cockroachdb/docs · GitHub

Hope that helps!