Cockroach start with option --background - no command prompt

Using following command to start a node from command line in CentOS:

sudo /usr/local/bin/cockroach start --insecure --store=/home/konstantin/Desktop/mdbServerDB/MobileDataBooks01/TC.CockRoachDB01 --http-port=9000 --background --cache=25% --max-sql-memory=25%

when I run this command it stays waiting. The node is working but I expected --background to make it work in background and resume to the command prompt. It is not and now I have to open another terminal window/

Hi @thstart,

I would expect control to return to the command prompt, too.

Did the node actually join the cluster? Can you see it listed in the admin UI or in the response to cockroach node ls run against another node?


Yes the node joined successfully, I see in the logs of other nodes.

I’m not able to reproduce on OSX - do you only see this on CentOS? If so, please file an issue and we’ll take a deeper look.