CockroachDB 21.1: The Most Powerful Global Database is Now the Easiest

Hi everyone, we’re super excited to let you all know that today we launched CockroachDB 21.1!

Highlights include:

  • Multi-region CockroachDB deployments with a new, much simpler developer experience, where you can control database latency and survivability with declarative SQL statements
  • Significant updates to query optimization / troubleshooting, with more info now available in EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN ANALYZE, and the DB Console
  • Better compatibility with ActiveRecord, Hibernate, Liquibase and Datagrip to let you work in your preferred development environment
  • Modernization of CockroachDB’s logging infrastructure to give you more configuration control and let you integrate more easily with monitoring tools

….and more! Check it out!!!

Huge thank you to everyone in this community for your engagement. Your comments and feedback challenge us to make the best possible product!

Please continue to drop your feedback into #product-feedback on our community slack channel, and let us know what you think of 21.1! :slight_smile:


For more information: Read the 21.1 announcement


W00h00!! ! SO awesome! Congratulations to the engineers, product managers, customers and community for the latest major release!! ! :raised_hands: :boom: :purple_heart: :dancer: :partying_face:

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