cockroachDB and Azure

Dear community,

currently I’m setting up a POC for a customer and we are considering using cockroachDB as database for our microservices. For live analytics purposes we want to feed the data into an Azure data lake. Now my two questions are:

  1. Can data be fed into an cloud storage using an experimental changefeed or do I have to get an enterprise subscription in order to test this capability?

  2. There is a documentation for how to feed data into an AWS S3 bucket available (Stream a Changefeed to Snowflake | CockroachDB Docs). Would a similar set up work with an Azure data lake as data sink?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi @Kuechenschabe, welcome to the forum!

  1. I believe this requires an enterprise changefeed. Experimental changefeeds don’t go directly into a cloud sink.
  2. Yes, I believe Azure should work as a sink. Here are docs about what the URL would look like.
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Note: you need to append the azure sink name with the experimental tag so:


I think no, you can test it with a trial license: Enterprise Trial –– Get Started | CockroachDB Docs

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