Cockroachdb as shared auditable database?

For background, I have been trying out cockroachdb, I love the concept and regularly bench it with Go to see which use cases are most suitable for it.

I also have been experimenting with blockchain tech recently, ethereum, hyperledger…
The properties that are useful to private blockchains are distribution and tracability/auditability (sometimes, immutability).
I was wondering if cockroach could fit some use cases we are force-fed with blockchain today:
Would it be suitable to share a cockroachdb cluster among multiple companies across the internet (security, response time…)?
I’ve not read much on cockroachdb rights management and tracability, is there anything specific about this part?

No, CockroachDB is not suitable for blockchain-style adversarial scenarios. All the nodes in the cluster form a single security domain and trust each other. Even though we support features like SELECT ... AS OF SYSTEM TIME which could be used for auditing, this is only valid as long as the security of the database is intact. A compromised or malicious node could alter this history easily and undetectably.

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