CockroachDB Distributed Mode

Hi Folks,
I am exploring CockroachDB in a one short gone through pricing and found distributed mode is not supported in Free version so how Cockroach achieve parallelism or other capability of distributed computing or its just not happening in Free version?

Thanks in Advance, more things will come :slight_smile:

Hi @ankitbeohar90,

That page seems to have mislead you. CockroachDB is by nature a distributed database. That’s true of the Core and Enterprise versions. For more insight into how fundamental operations are distributed, you can read our architecture docs, or read through our core benefit tutorials.

BACKUP/RESTORE, however, is a special case. This specific feature is only available with an Enterprise License. It minimizes the impact to a cluster’s performance by distributing backup and restore work to all nodes.

A non-distributed backup alternative that doesn’t require an enterprise license is the SQL Dump feature.

Hope that adds clarity for you. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Hi @jesse
Thanks for your quick response yeah now its pretty much clear.
Just follow up question I can see CockroachDB manual deployment i.e. I can setup my own bare metal cluster.
Will it give me same load balancing capacity like geography based or user based load transfer shown in introduction video?

Yes you can manually deploy CockroachDB on bare metal and benefit from all the other feature. There is no feature restricted by the deployment type.
Does this answer your concern?

Yes now I am good.