Cockroachdb framework status revisited

hello - i continue to make VERY SLOW progress on a deepstream-sequelize interface for cockroachdb. however, my progress is so excruciatingly slow that there will probably be another framework working before i finish.

so, has there been any more progress on any cockroachdb frameworks?

also, is there anybody else who might be interested in a deepstream-sequelize interface? i have a simple working example using jq-grid.

EDIT: there is an interface to feathers-js and sequelize. that might be interesting.

Hey @edwardsmarkf,

No progress on a framework just yet, but we’ve been expanding and extending our support for ORM compatibility.

Good luck with steady progress on deepstream!

a bit of progress on my end (Eclipse travels have stopped most progress).

there are two approaches i am taking:

  1. deepstream-sequelize - i have a working prototype, but not sure how to handle record adds & deletes from another source. thats next weeks project

  2. feathers.js-sequelize - recently feathers.js came out with a sequelize interface. i have contracted with somebody at to write a tutorial using feathers.js and sequelize combined.

both options will be pursued for now. i see advantages and disadvantages with both approaches.