Cockroachdb framework status

hello -

i continue to beat my head against the provervial wall in my ongoing efforts to interface cockroachdb to

although i was able to get the deepstream-cockroachdb connector working relatively easily, i found it far too limited in what it could do, so i opted to write my own interface attempting to use real sql calls rather than just using the JSON column.

as i beat my head against the wall, i keep wondering and hoping maybe somebody else has taken up the challenge (with better results thus far) in a cockroachdb framework?

since rethinkdb has, and mongo has both mean & meteor, maybe cockroachdb has a framework by now, or something similar?

oddly enough, i am stuck on one last problem, that being how to tell deepstream about a deleted row. when i delete an object row, there is no easy way to tell what happened on the server side, since all the jScript diff utilities dont really do diff the way unix does when you diff a pair of files (and easily displaying deleted rows). yes, this is not a cockroachdb issue, i am just venting…

Hi @edwardsmarkf

Thanks for contacting us about your continued work on deepstream. We’ve got a number of deepstream threads open from you at this point, so I’ve copied your question to this deepstream thread, as it is easier for all parties to track.