CockroachDB getting started

Hi community,

I am currently prototyping a geo distributed microservice backend (Restful API running on GKE). In this regard, I would kindly like to evaluate CockroachDB.

I am new to CockroachDB and wanted to know as best/common practice should I have:

  1. CockroachDB in the same node as my service(web server), so differents pods living on same node.

  2. I should have a dedicated Cockroach DB cluster isolates from services(web server) clusters.

  3. None of above :slight_smile:

My question might come from missing some fundamental concept arpund how CockroachDB remains consistent accross geo distributed architecture. ( how communication is achieve accross locations on GKE)

Thank you

Hey @Lord_of_thunder,

Thanks for checking us out!

Best practice is to run each node on a separate machine. Since CockroachDB replicates across nodes, running more than one node per machine increases the risk of data loss if a machine fails.

If you’d like to learn more about how our architecture works, you can check out this high level overview here.



Hi Ron,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. This is much appreciated.

Kind regards