Cockroachdb is using 1.5GB of space on empty database

Hi. How can the cluster report current usage of 1.5GiB (and it keep increasing) for relatively empty database?
is this normal?

database: C 386.8 KiB
system: 180.1 KiB
test: 0 B

notes: 3 nodes cockroachdb 1.1.4 for testing


Hi @stanleycia,

I suspect there are two things going on here.

  • Are you running a local cluster, with all 3 nodes on a single machine? That’s what our getting started docs encourage to get an initial sense of cockroachdb operations, but it leads to an inaccurate “Capacity Used” metric, as explained here.

  • As to the disk usage increasing despite lack of user activity, that’s likely due to the accumulation of timeseries data used by the Admin UI. See this FAQ for more details. Note that, in 2.0, it’ll be possible to reduce or disable the storage of timeseries data, when necessary.

Hope that helps. Please let me know.


Hi jesse

thanks for the reply.

the 3 nodes are on 3 different hosts.

i executed:
set cluster setting timeseries.resolution_10s.storage_duration=‘10m’; (10 minutes right?)
but the storage usage still the same


edited: the storage used is decreasing now, i guess it need time to release the space?