CockroachDB Quality Assurance

I am exploring CockroachDB and other products which can act as a distributed database. I would like to realize that CockroachDB qulality is enough to use it in a production deployment. I am aware of employed Unit tests, Jepsen tests. Also I read a blog about testing random SQL. But I steel feel that it is not enough for me to be sure that there will not be many surprises in a production. It would be great to learn more about Quality Assurance practices used for CockroachDB.

Also a couple of thoughts regarding the subject. Traditionally a main factor of good-enough-quality is widespread usage. I have no questions about quality of PostrgeSQL or MySQL. But a distributed database landscape is younger and there are multiple products. Unfortunately some of them cause surprises when are deployed to production. And it is very easy to explain. A distributed database is a very complex product having to deal with concurrency, unreliable network and etc.

And it seems to me a real problem. One way is to give it a try. But unfortunately often there is no problem in a test environment. And trying many options in a production sounds too expesive.

I know that there are a bunch of really good technical articles (RFCs, blog) describing a product feature designs in a great detail. But I have not seen something similar about testing and QA (of a quite complex product). It would be great for me (and I believe for many others) to learn more about it.