CockroachDB runnning in Imixs-Cloud

I have written an integration guide for cockroach to be used in Imixs-Cloud. Imixs-Cloud is a open infrastructure project hosted on Github. The project provides a setup guide for a self managed Kubernetes Cluster on bare metal or virtual servers. It lists several components like Monitoring, Storage or GitOps.
I added CockroachDB because I think this is currently the best solution to run a SQL Database within a Kuberentes cluster.

Cool. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi Ralph,

That’s awesome. Thanks for telling us, and please do keep us posted on your project!

Also, we noticed a small typo on the site, which I hope you don’t mind that Lauren took the liberty of submitting a PR to fix. The heading “Cockroach” was misspelled. Not a big deal… except that we’d rather not field 100s of complaint letters from angry cockroaches… they do tend to travel in swarms, and can be quite particular about details. :rofl:

Thanks for the hint - I found some other places with the typo and fixed it too. Typos are developers best friends - they never leave you :wink: