Cockroachdb-sequelize question

hello -

i have started using cockroachdb with a framework that uses sequelize. when i was first learning nodeJs & cockroachdb, i was required to “npm install” the cockroachdb-sequelize module.

but when i use the framework, i am not, even though it appears to work fine.

is this because (perhaps) that frameworks that utilize sequelize are only using a “postgres subset” of the sequelize module?

this might help - i am looking in node_modules, and the following modules have been installed:


Hi @edwardsmarkf,

The cockroachdb-sequelize module at the moment only changes two things:

  • It adds in support for upserts, since the default implementation in sequelize used Postgres features we don’t support,
  • and it supports sequelize enums, for the same reason.

If you’re not using either of these features, you should be able to get on fine without using the module.

Hope this helps!

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