CockroachDB, Serverless, and RESTful API over HTTP

Will CockroachDB ever provide another type of API, such as a RESTful one over HTTP, to query a database? We’re interested in using Cloudflare Workers, but I don’t think it supports APIs over a TCP connection.

Lastly, are there plans for a managed serverless offering of CockroachDB? I’ve recently read a blog post about how a client managed to do this with AWS, but what about a global cross-cloud solution managed by CockroachDB?

Check out CockroachCloud :slight_smile:

(Note: It doesn’t support cross-cloud setups yet)

Yep, we’re already aware of CockroachCloud, but as I understand you don’t automatically scale hardware based on usage. I’m talking specifically about how Aurora Serverless or FaunaDB work. Our product has highly unpredictable traffic patterns and there are clear peak-time and off-peak traffic patterns. Using a serverless model, I’d expect a pay-for-what-we-use model.

Lastly, any thoughts on providing an API over HTTP?

Hi @stexxart,
We are working on automatically scaling hardware based on usage, similar to how Aurora Serverless or FaunaDB works. And this would be pay as you go based on usage rather than on the hardware selected. We expect to have an MVP of this around summer of this year. If you’re open to it, would love to have you as beta customer for the the serverless offering in the summer.

A first step to enabling pay as you go, auto scaling serverless offering is the beta of a free forever tier in CockroachCloud that we released just yesterday. Would love to hear your feedback on it - it should be available in your Cloud account today.

Finally, we are also working enabling APIs to support CI/CD pipelines and other use cases to create/scale and delete clusters without going into the UI itself. I don’t have a firm date on when that will be available but it is a priority for the first half of this year.