Compatibility with mariadb insert

hello -

the more i use cockroachdb, the more i see it as a total drop-in replacement for mariadb.

in mariadb (and by extension the evil mysql) i can do an insert something like this:

INSERT INTO sequelizeTable                         \
    SET teacherEmail  = ''    \
    ,   userName      = 'Mark'                     \
    ,   userGender    = 'M'                        ;

but i notice using cockroach i have to insert the old fashioned way. using SET sure makes it easier to line up values to the corresponding columns, like when SET is used when doing an UPDATE.

or is this syntax completely unique to mariadb?

INSERT INTO ... SET is a MySQL syntax extension. We don’t support that syntax at this time.

Instead, as you are likely already aware, you can use a VALUES clause:

INSERT INTO sequelizeTable
        (teacherEmail,            userName, userGender)
        ('', 'Mark',   'M')`

hmmm i was afraid you were going to say that. all of my insert statements are written for mariadb, and all the insert statements would have to be rewritten for cockroachdb.

but you did say:

“We don’t support that syntax at this time.”

so i will hold out hope for the future…

EDIT: i suppose i am being naive to think that cockroachdb can be a drop-in replacement for mariadb. it appears there will be many areas that need to be revisited, and the INSERT may be the least of them.