Connection lost; opening new connection and resetting session parameters

When SCAN a bigtable got the following errror:

root@a1:26258/benchmarksql>  select count(*) from bmsql_order_line;
driver: bad connection
connection lost; opening new connection and resetting session parameters...

What version of cockroach? How many nodes in the cluster? Do the logs print anything? What happens if you try to run it again? What the data size of that table?

config is here

run the sql many time, but get the same result. the data size is 29994046 rows.

I have upgrade version to 1.1.0, but got the same error!

Is there anything printed in the logs?

I try to execute the sql for log, but now it execute success:

root@a1:26257/benchmarksql> SELECT count(*) FROM bmsql_order_line;
| count(*) |
| 29993846 |
(1 row)

Time: 37.31672767s

Alright. Maybe the connection died because of a networking reason, and not due to CockroachDB? Glad to hear it’s working though.