Console option /x on

Hi I’m using Linux, so I don’t have any client to work with the database.
Using the console i don’t seem to find any option, like postgres’ “/x on”. Isn’t there any similar option? Having a web query would be really easy to implement… Just a query text box, and a result table.

Are there any plans to make it? Or another project?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. The \x option for psql enables expanded table formatting mode. This should work whether you’re pointing psql at an actual postgres server, or at a cockroach node.

We do not support most psql options in cockroach sql but it’s just a standard client. You can use anything that speaks the postgres protocol (including psql) to talk to cockroach.

As for graphical interfaces, we’re working in supporting more of them but there are a lot of small details to get right to get them working. You can find more details in this issue.

We support a similar option in cockroach sql: \set display_format records. There are a few other formats available, documented here.

Excelent!, the records view was the one.