Crdb and erlang

Hello everybody.

I would like to know if Cockroach is thinking of developing an interface so that ERLANG/ELIXIR programs can use cockroachdb? I’ve already tested connectors for my-sql, oracle, sql server and others on ERLANG. Erlang has all the features of cockroachdb (fault tolerant, robust, distributed and has parallel processing).

As I do a lot of work in ERLANG and generally as an IOT or Telephony, I would very much like to use the cockroach to dump the data. Today I use KAFKA, but I would very much like to eliminate KAFKA and play directly in CRDB.

thank you so much

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Hello reinaldo,

We do not plan on developing any interface for ERLANG/ELIXIR right now.

Some developers have been using ecto with Erlang.