CRDB Scala driver

Hello I am new to CRDB and I noticed that there is no Scala driver, however Slick works well with Postgres. I read somewhere that CRDB speaks the postgreswire. Am I correct in assuming that Slick would work out of the box with CRDB? Also what are the guidelines for contributing a driver should it turnout to be necessary?

What about you try it out :slight_smile:
For contributing a driver, we do not maintain a repository of driver sources in the CockroachDB project directly. We encourage you to contact the Slick developers for advice if there is any change needed in the Slick driver for CockroachDB compatibility. In the past we have seen driver developers willing to add a parameter / dialect for CockroachDB in their code.

Slick uses the JDBC driver under the hood, so I would expect it would mostly work with Cockroach, although you’ll just have to try it and see. Our type system is not exactly the same as PostgreSQL’s, so there may be some friction there.

FWIW, for another scala solution, we have tried the Finagle postgres driver in the past and it worked.