Create a Multi region database with geo-partition

I am a beginner in Cockroachdb. I have two instances in aws one in Europe and other in Singapore. I created a cluster in Singapore region with one node using following query,

cockroach start --insecure --locality=region=ap-southeast-1,datacenter=ap-southeast-1b --store=node1 --listen-addr=:26257 --http-addr=:8080 --advertise-addr= --join=:26257,<node in other region’s internal address>:26257 --background

I want to create a node with same db in Europe region for testing geo partioned table concept. How to create a node in my second instance? Do i need to execute the above query(after made necessary changes in address) in second instance(europe) ? How to create it? how can i link both instances? Please help.