Create table as select on large table crashes the system

When doing a CTAS on a “large” table (history): 2.8G , 28 ranges it causes the system to run out of memory and the node crashes. We are running on the latest version: v19.1.5

I do have dump logs available. I can see that we can create smaller tables of the same source by adding a where clause. But doing the full scan will crash the system.

Already tried by increasing the cache by 2G and sql memory by 1.5G, and still it does the same behavior.

Server has 4VCP and 8GB of RMAN and it is not sufficient to handle this CTAS.


Hi Ignacio,

This looks like a duplicate, I’ve responded to your support ticket at


For other visitors to the forum: this is a limitation that we plan to lift in version 19.2.

I have been doing a POC on this database, so far it has been doing great. It does have some limitations but so as many other products. As long as you are implementing this on an application that can work around all the limitations this is an awesome product.

And there are always ways around it, and you get AWESOME support from all the tech leads and community.


Thank you for the kind words.

What kind of limitations did you have in mind?

Please feel free to ask any other questions!