Cross region sync replication deployment of cochroahdb


I am looking for any technical information on cross region deployment of crdb that enables cross region sync replication. In particular, does crdb’s raft replication contain any optimizations for cross region replication?


Hi @ashwinmurthy, in CockroachDB, you use “replication zones” to control the number and location of replicas. Our replication zone docs are probably the best place to start.

In terms of special considerations for cross-region deployment, in the Node/Replica Recommendations section of that doc, we suggest:

When replicating across datacenters, you should use datacenters on a single continent to ensure performance (cross-continent scenarios will be better supported in the future). If the average network round-trip latency between your datacenters is greater than 200ms, you should adjust the raft-tick-interval flag on each node.

Does that help?